Directors & Officers Liability
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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance can safeguard the assets of the corporate entity, as well as the personal assets of your firm’s directors and officers, including your Chief Compliance Officer.

Directors & Officers are often held personally liable for the decisions they make on behalf of a company in both public and private companies. As a director or officer with an organization, one must exercise the Duty of Loyalty, the Duty of Obedience, and the Duty of Diligence. Duty of Loyalty exemplifies that a director has put the interest of the corporation above his own. Duty of Obedience portrays a director's actions have conformed to the corporate charter and by-laws of the corporation. Duty of Diligence in the management of the corporation and done in an expedient and knowledgeable manner. In fulfillment of the duties, a director and/or officer is required to exercise reasonable care and due diligence, place the interest of the corporation and its shareholders foremost in the decision-making process and not exceed his or her authority.

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